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Zip Tie Domes

Geodesic Dome Kits that are Easy to Build!

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Kits and Chicken Coop Kits For Sale

Zip Tie Domes

Chicken Coop Kit
Geodesic Dome Kits that are Easy to Build!

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Kits and Chicken Coop Kits For Sale

Zip Tie Domes

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Kits and Chicken Coop Kits For Sale

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Our "Hubs Only Kits" start at $130.00

Geodesic Dome Hubs
Easy to Use with Heavy Duty UV Resistant Zip Ties
All Parts Guaranteed for 2 Years

About Our Patented Hubs

All Parts Are Made In USA


We now offer

Custom Size Geodesic Dome Kits

These Kits can be ordered to perfectly fit your swimming pool, hot tub, or other project.
We also have small Geodesic Dome Kits for Education. Contact Us for details.

Geodesic Greenhouse Kits

  • 25' 3v 5/8 Geodesic Greenhouse
    25' 3v 5/8 Geodesic Greenhouse - 25' wide, 14' tall
  • 25' 3v 3/8 Geodesic Greenhouse
    25' 3v 3/8 Geodesic Greenhouse - 25' wide, 10' tall
  • 10' 2v Geodesic Greenhouse
    10' 2v Geodesic Greenhouse - 10' wide, 5' tall
  • 16' 2v Geodesic Greenhouse
    16' 2v Geodesic Greenhouse - 16' wide, 8' tall
  • 10' 2v Silo Dome Greenhouse
    16' 2v Silo Dome Greenhouse - 16' wide, 13' tall

Geodesic Shelter Dome

  • 20' Wide, 12' Tall 3v Geodesic Shelter Dome
    20' Wide, 12' Tall 3v Geodesic Shelter Dome
  • 25' wide, 15' Tall 3v Geodesic Shelter Dome
    25' wide, 15' Tall 3v Geodesic Shelter Dome
  • 17' Wide, 8.5' Tall, 2v Geodesic Shelter Dome
    17' Wide, 8.5' Tall, 2v Geodesic Shelter Dome
  • Made in the USA!
    17' Wide, 13' Tall, 2v Geodesic Shelter Silo Dome
  • Heavy Duty 6 inch Super Hub for 1.5 inch Struts
    Heavy Duty 6" Super Hub for 1.5" Struts

  Geodesic Shelter Dome Kits Made with Heavy Duty 6" Hubs and 1.5" PVC Struts to support over 300 lbs.
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2v Silo Dome

New 2v "Silo Dome" Design

30 Struts are added to the bottom of a 2v Dome, making it taller for more usable space.
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Our Guarantee


  (1) We guarantee to replace any defective part for two (2) years from date of purchase.

  (2) Lifetime Customer Support.
Call us at (931) 858-6892 and we will answer any question, or resolve any problem you have with our products.





You can take down and completely rebuild your 2v dome for under $10.00 in Zip Ties.

Buy your Heavy Duty Zip Ties direct from our source.

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Customer Reviews

Geodesic Greenhouse Domes
Matthew Toth, Mollala, OR - 2v Geodesic Greenhouse with Kneewall and Vent
Gene Hersey, Stevens Point, WI - 24' Dome from 3v 5/8 Geodesic Dome "Hubs Only" Kit
Aaron Bates - 2v Geodesic Dome "Dual Covering Hubs Kit" with Shrink Wrap
Bill Lamerdin, Reno, NV - 20' 3v 3/8 Greenhouse Dome with Solar Powered Fan
Nathan Byrd - 16' Dual Covering Dome with Kneewall for Greenhouse
Mark Leathers, Rolla, MO - 2V Dome with 3' Knee Wall and Door Frame
Martin Fitzpatrick, Hillsborough, NC - 25' 3/8 3v Greenhouse Dome Kit
Heather Lucero, Great Falls, MT - 16' Geodesic Greenhouse Dome Kit
Amy Boortz, Chickamauga, GA - Geodesic Greenhouse - 3v 3/8 Std Hubs Only Kit
Paul White, Kingston, RI - Camouflaged Dome for Storage Building - 13' Geodesic Dome
Tim Nicholson - 25' 3v 5/8 Standard and Dual Covering Dome kits for Aviary and Greenhouse
Dave Doucette, Hamlin, NY - 24 foot 3 Frequency "Hubs Only" Package
William Randazzo, Roseville, MI - Painted 2V Greenhouse Dome Build Sequence
Franc Stratton, Smyrna TN - Greenhouse Dome (My first customer, and my friend!)
Jeff Mabbitt - 25' 3v 5/8 Greenhouse Dome
Rayne Wagner, Squires, MO - 20' 2v Greenhouse Dome with Dual Covering Hubs

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Chicken Coop Kits / Ducks Coop Kits
Lana from Peaks Island, ME - Chicken Dome Survives Ice Storm on Maine Island
Chris Czernal, Goodrich, MI - 3 Chicken Coop Domes with Two Live Webcams.
Jon Corbett, Tracy, CA - I can easily move my chickens to a new grass area each day.
Jeff Norkoli, Grand Haven, MI - Gives us peace of mind that common predators can't get them.
Stacey Brock, Thurmont, MD - 16' Dome Chicken Coop - "Hi! we love our zip tie dome."
J. Andrew Lauer, Oil City, PA - 16' and 11' Geodesic Dome Chicken Coops
Kasey Kincaid, Troy, MO - 13' Geodesic Duck Coop, a Great Play Pen for Ducks.
Glenn Wilson, Lansing, MI - 13' Geodesic Duck Coop - Keeps the Ducks in, and Predators Out.
Ashley McPherson, High Springs, FL - Two Chicken Coop Kits, Raising Chickens and Ducks.
Zina Townley, Rhome, TX - "We Love Our Chicken Coop Dome!"
Joe Irey, Aransas Pass, TX - Geodesic Chicken Coop with PVC Door for Automatic Opener.
Marc Kuehl, Waco, TX - Geodesic Chicken Coop Kit Survived 80MPH Windstorm in Texas
Judy Wilson, Brevard, NC - 13' Chicken Coop Dome attached to Wooden Coop on Wheels
Brian Camp, Paso Robles, CA - 13' Chicken Coop Dome in a Vineyard / Orchard.
Summer Anderson, Kettle Island, KY - Geodesic Duck Coop Kit - painted brown.
Jeff Kelley, Keene, VA - 16' Chicken Coop Dome with Coop inside.
Amanda Bohl, Chippewa Falls, WI - Commercial Pastured Poultry Coop Kit
Tauna Grinager, Felton CA - 13' Geodesic Chicken Coop Kit
Matt Mackewich, Fredericksburg, VA - Unique beach umbrella design for chicken Coop dome.
John Pence, Memphis, TN - Having fun building a Geodesic Chicken Coop!
Daniel Watts, Warner, NH - Geodesic Chicken Coop Kit perfectly matches his Geodesic Home!
Donna Cowden, Fairland, OK - Very Pleased with Her Geodesic Chicken Coop Kit.
Valerie Nardo, Smithland, KY - Quick Delivery, and Easy Assembly!
Patricia Ragan, Tyler TX - Thanks for the Chicken Coop Kit!
Carl Tidwell, Knoxville, TN - Raising Red Star Chickens in the Geodesic Chicken Coop Kit.
Jamie Meredith, Nashville, TN - How to Make Tunnels to the Chicken Coop Dome
Analee Wulfkuhle, Deerfield, MA - 11' Geodesic Chicken Coop Kit
Timothy Cantrell - "QuackerDome" 11' Geodesic Duck Coop Kit
Mary Haynes - Geodesic Chicken Coop "Hubs Only" Kit
Linda Tracy - 13' Geodesic Chicken Coop Kit
Michael Bailey - Geodesic Chicken Coop - Hubs Only Kit
Tom Walsh - 16' Chicken Coop Kit
Charline Dye, Lovington NM - 16' Chicken Coop Kit
John Upchurch - 11' Chicken Coop Kit
Kitty Degler, Kansas City, MO - 16' Chicken Coop Kit
James Groom - 13' Geodesic Chicken Coop Kit
Jennifer Stokes - 13' Geodesic Chicken Coop Kit
Allison Janssens - 16' Geodesic Chicken Coop Kit
Danny Weigand - 13' Geodesic Chicken Coop Kit
Martin Hornfischer, Galena AK - 2v Hubs Only Kit for Chicken Coop
Doug Elliott - Geodesic Chicken Coop Kit (No Picture)
Rusty Middleton - Geodesic Chicken Coop (No Picture)
Carolyn Henderson, Plant City, FL - 13' Geodesic Chicken Coop (No Picture)

Geodesic Swimming Pool Covers / Trampoline Covers / Fish Tank Covers / Pond Covers
Tracy Crichton, Gainesville, FL - 16' 2v Geodesic Swimming Pool Cover
Therese Melena, Ina IL - 3v 5/8 Geodesic Swimming Pool Enclosure
Benjamin from Indiana - Geodesic Swimming Pool Cover
Krista Costa - 16' 2v Dome for Covering Trampoline in Winter
Gary Burtle, Tifton, GA - Aquaponics Fish Tank Cover - 2v Std Hubs Only Kit
Dale Stalter, Rockford MI - Fish Pond Covering Dome

Art Domes / Presentation Domes
Matan Gill - 25' 3V 3/8 EcoDome for Nebraska State Fair
Gene Harrison, New York, NY - 2v Super Hubs Dome with Light Show
Eliza Bernatowicz, Poznan, Poland - 3v 5/8 Light Painting Art Dome
Adelle Lin, New York, NY - Art Dome using 1/4" Plywood Panels for Exhibit in Berlin, Germany
Owen Lane - Art Exhibit using the 16' Geodesic Dome Kit
Matthew Koscica, Artist - Art Presentation Dome
Tim Nelsen, Prescott Valley, AZ - Mandala Art Display and Meditation Dome
Christoph Draeger, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, Sweden - Geodesic Dome for Kunstmuseum Chur in Switzerland
Jenny Muskopf, Oakland CA - 16' 2v Greenhouse Kit for Student Art / Meditation Dome
Dennis Love, Austin, TX - 2v "Hubs Only" Kit for Halloween Mausoleum
Selina Rosales - Art Dome for Alzheimer's Disease Awareness

Burning Man / Festival Domes
Jack from CA - Clear Spherical Artwork and Spherical Car for Burning Man.
Mary Beth Panagos, North Carolina - 25' wide "Substance Free" Shelter at Burning Man Events
Jim Sutton, Texas - Geodesic "Death Star" That Rotates with Laser for High School Prom
Tommy Bairstow - Geodesic Event Dome at Yosemite National Park and Other Places
Stephanie Shaw, Medina, OH - 2v Half-Dome for a Max Max "Thunderdome" Party
Amie Rae Uittenbogaard, Nicholasville, KY - 16' 2v Greenhouse Kit for a Festival Art Dome
Heather Billiot - 2v Burning Man Dome - with Glowing Neon Tubes!
Santiago Ripley, San Bruno CA - Geodesic Festival Dome - 3v 3/8 and 5/8 Std Hubs Only Kit
Doug Darin - Burning Man Festival Tent - 2v Std Hubs Only Kit
Salvador Delarosa - 2v Hubs Only Kit for Event Dome
Steve Miller - 2v Hubs Only Kit for Burning Man Event Dome
Raymond Castaneda - Go - California - Painted Event Dome

Video Projection Domes
Diana Reichenbach, Baltimore, MD - 2v Silo Dome for FullDome Planetarium Immersive Animation Exhibit
Ryan Houser, Raleigh, NC - 16' Geodesic Dome for a Backyard Projector Theater

Geodesic Silo Domes
Mario Lozano, Naples, FL - 13' Geodesic Silo Dome to Cover Fruit Trees
Diana Reichenbach, Baltimore, MD - 2v Silo Dome for FullDome Planetarium Immersive Animation Exhibit
Samiyah White - 2v Silo Dome on Lake Havasu, Needles, CA

Sheep Shelter Domes / Goat Shelters
Jason Lowe - 16' Geodesic Sheep Shelter Kit
Tim Reisdorf - Geodesic Dome for Housing Goats

Heavy Duty Geodesic Shelter Domes with 1.5" Struts
Lira Luis, Architect - Chicago IL - 2v Geodesic Shelter Dome using Bamboo Struts.
Norman Burkhart, Ramona, CA - 20' 3v 5/8 Geodesic Shelter Dome "Super Hubs Kit"
Mary Beth Panagos, North Carolina - 25' wide "Substance Free" Shelter at Burning Man Events
MTSU - 25' 3v 5/8 Geodesic Dome for Drone and 10' Domes for Spider Habitat Research
Dick V.S., Costa Rica - 6" Super Hubs Kit for Building Concrete Domes
Super Hubs Load Test Video - 16' Silo Dome, 12' tall.

School Projects
Todd Burleson - Winnetka Public Schools Foundation, Winnetka, IL
Christy Buchanan - 16' Greenhouse for Special Needs Children - The Barclay School, Ridgeway, SC
Middle Tennessee State University - 16' Dome Build, Murfreesboro, TN
David Polak - 4v Geodesic Dome, St. Catherine's School, Richmond, VA
Mary Klinghard, HATPonics - Geodesic Greenhouse for Education
Cyd Smillie - Dual Covering Greenhouse for Chicago Public Schools Food Science Class
Eric Patton - 16' Geodesic Dome for Science Class
Ed Weschler - School Science Project

Technology / Other
Middle Tennessee State University - Domes for Drone Testing and Spider Habitat Research
Allyson Packer - Geodesic Ice Fishing Hut on Frozen Lake
Marc Perea, San Benito Marching Band - 13' Geodesic Dome
Steven Myers, Austin, TX - 3D Scanner Dome
Philip Seagraves - Geodesic Bath Hut
Debbie Gleason - Georgia Southern University Museum Technology Exhibit
John Thompson - 3v 5/8 Hubs Only Kit using 3/4" EMT Conduit Struts
Julian Lines, Mt Tremper, NY - Hubs Only Package

Richard Gutierrez - Chicken Coops for Zululand Orphan Project, South Africa
Leigh Block - Free Domes for Sheltering Homeless People
Christopher Dakin - Dome for Astronomical Society, United Kingdom

Patents for Our Geodesic Dome Hub Design.

US Patent No. US8590216
Nov. 26, 2013

New Zealand Patent NZ602216
March 22, 2013

Australian Patent AU2013200553
August 28, 2014

United Kingdom GB2508051
January 28, 2015

Other International Patents are in progress.


Licensing and Manufacturing
Our Patented Hubs


Our Geodesic Dome Hubs are being used for radar reflectors, sheep shelters, concrete domes, and many other uses.

If your company is interested in licensing our patented hub design, please contact us by email, or call us at 1-(931) 858-6892.


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