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Geodesic Dome Kits that are Easy to Build!

Customer Reviews of our Geodesic Dome Kits

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Geodesic Dome Kits that are Easy to Build!

Customer Reviews of our Geodesic Dome Kits

Zip Tie Domes

Customer Reviews of our Geodesic Dome Kits

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Matthew Toth - Customer Review of our 2v Geodesic Dome Kit


Hello Hurts,

Good to hear from you. The dome is up and growing as a plant greenhouse. My girlfriend and I love the look and function of the dome. It has been a bit of an engineering hurdle to "re-think" how to construct things in a circular fashion, but think outside the box right. We've had to put a vent in the top and thinking of putting an opposing vent for the hot summer months here in Oregon. But other wise, the workable space is great and the structure is SOLID.

Thanks for the T-shirts! That would be great. Could you send one for my girlfriend as well? She is the mastermind in the gardening and I am the structural gardener, but we are both fans of ZipTie Domes and would love to where your shirt around. I am a skydiving instructor around a garden forward community, so it will definitely get some exposure. My size is a men's Large and my girlfriend is a Medium.

Here are some of the top pictures of the dome ... we have taken many.

We appreciate the customer interaction and a busy business season to you.


Matt and Nikki Toth

Molalla, OR

The 16' Dome was placed on a framed kneewall, with each kneewall panel covered in plastic.
The plastic on the kneewall panel can be rolled up to allow cooler air to enter the dome at ground level.


The large doorway can be rolled up and secured for ventilation.
A section at the top of the dome has been replaced with a triangular panel that can be propped open for ventilation.


The triangular panel is made from wood, and attached with two hinges to the dome.
The panel is covered in a generous amount of greenhouse film, that can be taped shut during the winter.

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