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Geodesic Dome Kits that are Easy to Build!

Exhibit at Mother Earth News Fair Asheville, NC

Zip Tie Domes

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Geodesic Dome Kits that are Easy to Build!

Exhibit at Mother Earth News Fair Asheville, NC

Zip Tie Domes

Exhibit at Mother Earth News Fair Asheville, NC

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Mother Earth News Fair Exhibit - Asheville, NC


Here are our pictures from our "very first" Mother Earth News Fair, in Asheville, North Carolina.

We setup on Friday, April 8th, and the weather was "normal" that day. But the next day was COLD! And the wind blew continuously at 20-30 mph on April 9th. We all dressed like eskimos that day. But April 10th was warmer, and we had workshops on how to build a geodesic dome, and gave free t-shirts to everyone that participated.

1. Laying the foundation for the 25' Geodesic Shelter Dome


2. Putting the foundation in a circle.


3. Tying it all together. It took 4 hours to build this dome.


4. Raising the 1st Tier on the 25' Shelter Dome.


5. My eldest son, Morgan Hurt, and his wife, Elizabeth.


6. That's me (John Hurt) in the cowboy hat.


7. Elizabeth has no fear of heights on the 12' stepladder.


8. My turn on the ladder.


9. Morgan is tall enough to hand things up the ladder for me.


10. Teamwork!


11. Working on the 3rd Tier. This is Friday, March 8th, before the cold front hit, so we are in denim, etc.


12. Doug, one of the volunteer "helpers" for Mother Earth News Fair, came by to help us set up the 13' Poultry Dome.
Doug got a free t-shirt "I built a Geodesic Dome."


13. Finishing out the 3rd tier, about 12' off the ground. It looks much higher when you are the one on the ladder.


14. Doug is a great help to us. The Mother Earth News people are just wonderful!


15. Finishing the 4th tier on the 25' dome. Don't look down!


16. The 25' Dome is now complete.


17. We took out a large section to make a large door, but the dome is just as strong as ever!


18. Dome, Sweet Dome!


19. We put up the tarp just to keep the wind from blowing all of our brochures away.
The wind was so strong it would pick up gravel from the parking lot and sandblast us.


20. We spent most of the day huddled behind the tarp, the wind was SO COLD!


21. Elizabeth tries out the chair swing attached to the top of the dome.


22. Morgan set up a hammock next to the chair swing.


23. Morgan's shows his favorite "talking point" on how strong our domes are.


24. The crowd loves our domes. We could not keep the kids out of the hammock or from climbing the dome.


25. Morgan talking to customers - "Come on in!"


26. Our brochure desk.


27. The next day, it was warmer, and we started our "dome raising" workshops.


28. We did the workshop right outside the main dome. The 13' Poultry Dome is just to the right in this picture.


29. People would "flood" us in waves.


30. Here is our "dome raising workshop" where everyone worked together to build an 11' dome, and everyone got a t-shirt for participating.
This was a real "hit" at the fair.


Many Thanks to everyone at Mother Earth News Fair, etc. John Hurt


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