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Geodesic Dome Kits that are Easy to Build!

Customer Reviews of our Geodesic Dome Kits

Zip Tie Domes

Customer Reviews of our Geodesic Dome Kits

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Eliza Bernatowicz - Customer Review of a 3v 5/8 Light Painting Art Dome


Dear John,

We have completed our dome!
I have selected some pictures of our/ Your:) dome and our  workshop of light-painting in it which took place last Friday.
Do You like it?  

Best regards,
Eliza Bernatowicz
+Weronika Goszczyńska

Wow! Yes, I like it!


Wow again! - Notice that the fabric triangles are sewn together for a perfect fit for the covering.


Very cool!






Working with children is just so cool. What a pleasure to see what Eliza and her friends have done. This made my day!

How to Purchase This 3v 5/8 "Hubs Only" Geodesic Dome Kit



Dear John,


I'm impressed by the" about us" on Your Website:)

I' m also impressed by the simplicity of the idea of the zip-tie dome. Congratulations!!!

I would like to ask for a limited license of Your idea.

We are planning to build a dome for educational purposes. It is going to be used as a darkroom in an educational action" light  painting" and , which I'm not sure yet, as a show of a building process as a dome itself.

We were granted some money from  our local community on such a purpose, but the ammount is so small, that we have to do all DIY:).

If our show gets popular and if we start doing it as a businness( maybe???) we will inform You first of all and try to set a fee for You.

Can You accept my idea?


Best regards to You and Your Family,

Eliza Bernatowicz



667 097 877




I"m planning to build a zip - tie dome for educational purpose in Poznań , Poland.

The dome will be used as a darkroom for lightpainting.

We would like to purchase the hubs only kit for the dome:3v 5/8 icosahedron

The pipes we have here in Poland are 30 mm  diameter .

Can  I use the ppc pipes?  is the diameter ok for the hubs?

Important question : how much will be the shipping from USA to Poland , maybe it is too costly and it is much better to produce such rings here according to Your rules on the www....

another impotrant question: we probably need to use the double cover of the dome: it is suppsed to be red tent cover outside and black agrofibre inside should we use the double cover hubs?

best regards,

we love the domes:)


Eliza Bernatowicz

Note from John Hurt:
It was our joy to give Eliza a free license to produce her own dome in Poland.
What a great idea she has!
If you have a idea for our domes, contact us, and we would be glad to work with you.


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