Geodesic Dome

Zip Tie Domes

Geodesic Dome Kits that are Easy to Build!

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Kits and Chicken Coop Kits For Sale

Zip Tie Domes

Geodesic Chicken Coop
Geodesic Dome Kits that are Easy to Build!

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Kits and Chicken Coop Kits For Sale

Zip Tie Domes

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Kits and Chicken Coop Kits For Sale

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About Us

John Hurt
John M. Hurt - Owner and Chief Executive Officer

John has over 30 years of experience in Software Design, Project Management, and Quality Assurance Testing. John has written all of the software for the Speaking Bible, the HTML Bible, and
John holds several software copyrights, and is the designer and patent holder for the Geodesic Dome Hub used for Zip Tie Domes and our Agridomes website.

John's greatest possession is his belief in Jesus Christ. His greatest accomplishment is his marriage to Carolyn Hurt.


Carolyn Hurt
Carolyn Hurt - Secretary, Customer Support, and all-around Great Mom!

Carolyn answers the telephone and handles the correspondence for Zip Tie Domes.

Carolyn has a degree in Education, but gave it up to stay home with our children.

Carolyn gets our highest award for home-schooling our 6 children.


Dave Sartor
Dave Sartor - Social Media

Dave helps us with our outreach and public "face."

Dave is a Social Media Director with two other Nashville organizations. He is also an award-winning concert music composer and conductor, and teaches Music Composition at Trevecca Nazarene University.

Dave has been our friend for over 30 years. For more information about Dave Sartor, go to or to the Wikipedia article about Mr. Sartor.


Morgan Hurt
Morgan Hurt - Operations Manager

Morgan graduated Magna Cum Laude with degrees in Electrical Engineering (with an emphasis on factory automation) and Network Administration.

Morgan is responsible for automating our production of Zip Tie Domes.

Morgan creatively thinks outside the box (what box?) and has suggested several of the solutions used in our Zip Tie Domes.


Samuel Hurt
Samuel Hurt - Graphics, Internet Design, and Application Development.

Samuel is a C# developer, a musician, and graphics design artist. Samuel Hurt graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Software Engineering.

Samuel created all of our graphics for our videos and web pages, and drew the 20 technical drawings for our Geodesic Dome United States Patent Specification.

Samuel is an independent video game developer, and is currently working on a major project.


Caleb Hurt
Caleb Hurt - Production, Quality Assurance, and Onsite Dome Construction.

Caleb makes certain the Zip Tie Dome struts and hubs are cut correctly, and uses his natural athletic ability to field test our domes to determine the stress limits.

For our onsite Dome Construction, Caleb has absolutely "no fear" of heights, or anything else for that matter.

Caleb assists with our Aquaponics project, our cattle and sheep operation, and our apiaries (beehives), and holds several belts in various forms of martial arts.


Joseph Hurt
Joseph Hurt - Marketing, Production and Onsite Dome Construction.

Joseph has a natural ability to communicate, and enjoys working with people.

In addition to producing domes, Joseph heads up our Marketing Department and Customer Relations.

Also, Joseph assists with our Aquaponics, apiaries, and other agriculture.


Jacob Hurt
Jacob Hurt - Onsite Dome Construction, Production Support.

Jacob works in our Dome production facility in the Hub Production Line.

Jacob is developing his skills in the C# programming language, and wants to help us automate our production lines using robotics.


Isaac Hurt
Isaac Hurt - General Helper - Isaac is 10 years old, and assists with onsite dome construction.

Sometimes Isaac answers the phone.




John and
Carolyn Hurt

Also, Keith Harris is our very exceptional friend that has helped us develop the 24 foot dome to be a complete success. Keith has helped us in demonstrating our domes at the Wilson County Fair and other locations.

Franc Stratton, Jerry Diamond, and Brian Russell encouraged us from the beginning that we should build our domes.

The philosophy that we have is that this is more than just a business.

Zip Tie Domes is what that we do to improve the lives of other people.

Food and Shelter can be provided by our domes, and we strive to make the best product at the lowest price.

If you have a need for these domes, and funds are an issue, please contact us and we will provide them at reduced cost.



To place an order online, visit our Online Catalog.

For a telephone order, call us at 1-931-858-6892.

Or, go to our Contact Us page to send us an email.

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