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Geodesic Dome Kits that are Easy to Build!

Customer Reviews of our Geodesic Dome Kits

Zip Tie Domes

Customer Reviews of our Geodesic Dome Kits

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Gene Hersey, Stevens Point, WI - Customer Review of our
3v 5/8 Dual Covering "Hubs Only" Kit



24' diameter, dual wall covering, Zip Tie Domes, green house. We cut our own schedule 80, PVC electrical conduit for UV resistance and built a 10 inch, cedar foundation around the base, inside and out.

3v 5/8 Geodesic Dome made with the Zip Tie Domes Dual Covering "Hubs Only" kit.
This dome has two layers of greenhouse plastic, one on the outside and one on the inside of the dome.
This creates a "dead air" space for superior insulation.

Inside the Dome, with two layers of greenhouse film for added insulation.
A pad of insulation is also on the floor of the dome.

How to Purchase This 3v 5/8 "Dual Covering Hubs Only" Geodesic Dome Kit



Hi John And Carolyn,

Yes, I received my double wall, hubs only, w/stainless zip ties. All is well!

I have spray painted all the hubs and inner hubs with Krylon, to help with UV protection. It takes 9 cans. I have cut all of my struts from schedule 80 grey PVC, and drilled them. That took a total of four days, and determination, working alone.

That's my hand drill, drill-press. I built a little jig out of cedar and learned to eyeball when the first hole was centered, while drilling the other end.

I have an oak tree to fell before I build the 23.9', (had to calculate for the flange on the ends of the PVC conduit to get two pieces out of each ten footer. It took 83, 10' pieces), double wall greenhouse. The tree also shades our garden in the afternoon and I have put it off, because it's a nice healthy oak and the birds use it a lot. I'll plant some dwarf trees to replace it...sorta. It's been raining a lot here, so I've had a good excuse for not dropping it.

I've been wanting to build a Bucky dome since high school so I'm motivated!

Know of anyone making a dome shaped covering?

You know, you can cover one of these with plastic, add some rebar wire mesh, spray with foam and then concrete, wait til it sets, then take down your dome and do it again? Use it like a form!

I plan to add a little heated fan, blowing between the walls of the double wall dome. Hopefully, I can extend our growing season with this. I'm thinking of burying some pex tubing under the ground, as well, for in floor heat.

I'll send more pictures when I get them. I'm a big fan of ZipTie Domes! I'm a promoter, Dudes! I'm telling everyone about your clever product!

Gene Hersey

Jig for Cutting Struts for 25' Hubs Only Kit

Laying Out the Foundation Ring and Struts for the First Tier

First Tier complete, now starting the 2nd Tier.

Constructing the 3rd Tier.

250 lb. Stainless Steel Zip Ties, Krylon coated hubs, Schedule 80 PVC pipe.

Completing the top of the dome

Wood foundation to allow plastic sheets to be attached

Wood foundation - reinforces the dome equator

Wood foundation - encloses the bottom hubs.

The dome is complete!

Hey, welcome to Wisconsin. Things are growing like a jungle in our 24' dome! We are near Stevens Point, WI

How to Purchase This 3v 5/8 "Dual Covering Hubs Only" Geodesic Dome Kit


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